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Regions & Locations

Algent Woodlands 29
The territory of the tortolion
Altamir's cave 25
Amulet forest 38
Aranbourg center
Aranbourg market
Aranbourg plaza
Castle Wellnear
Inn of the Piitiful
Old Rabouf's house
Port of Aranbourg
Scarlet Warehouse
Argistant Plateau 47
Defected Mechanomine
Herd of Argistants
Ruins of Albeit
Argistant Woods 47
Argistant suspension bridge
Arkzoun Mountains 38
Fontainsnail Relay
Arkzoun Woodlands 38
Badneighbor Pass
Badneighbor Monolith
Base of the Chimera Mountain 44
Wojtek Rift
Bitterness Woodlands 31
Bonarcane Forest
Longuemire Trail
Matteus Woodcutter's Hut
Brumedor Plain
Grandwind Caravansail
Hamlet of Brumedor
Klotoss Tribe
Sirtura Outpost
Caleforn Forest 13
Barracks of the Filouderien
Last Chance Camp
Cave of Rilandoss
Cave of the Ancients 47
Lithobed of Walrock
Cavern of the Minotroll 34
Dark passage
Charmess Valley
Ruins of Malasette
Chimeric Plain
Mistwalker's Fort
Chiona Plteau 40
Mystils Marvels
Path of the Glorious (Chiona Plateau)
Climb of the Courageous 48
Corinna Forest 45
Glade of Cyclotus
Corsan Plateau 28
Lighthouse of the long night
Scree to the Plateau
Creshadow Hills 32
Crown Hills 9
Camp Tormul
Cave Entrance
Diadem Quarry
Crown Woodland 8
Cursed bridge
Cybelfly Plateau
Cybelfly nest
Top of the scree
Dalita Valley
Brigands encampment
Ditalcus Forest 39
Ditalcus Hills 39
Donpa Woodlands 24
The lair of docile spiders
Dunadan Woodlands 40
Dunedan Valley
Duverger woodland 7
Raven Mansion
Eligratine Cave 10
Caninbane's Lair
The sticky crevasse
Enorwen Valley
Enorwen's Great Dyerie
Mirousana river
Fables Woodland 22
Fairy Forest 48
Egroim Valekar
Notroll camp
Ruin of Kildos
Forest of the Sleeping 46
Ruin of Kristo
Forest of Whispers 39
Forest of Whispers 39
Ottravi Egroim
Gantras Plain
Fortress of Isifort
Gantras Portal
Marblework of the Elites
Raonis Blast Furnace
Towers of Nabyla and Seroca
Gargar Pass 50
Eastern entrance to Gargar'Gul
West Entrance to Gargar'gul
Gargar'Gul 50
Gargoyle Plateau 48
Golden Plateau 26
Gontruk quarry
The forge of the cliff
Tombe of the Hordulk'hos
Grandfall forest 48
The cabin of the old madman
Gremanir cave 5
Altar of the Aquagremfyr
Gremanir exit
Hammery Plain
Camp Attreyu
Corinna portal
Corrina Inn
Hammer Relay
Silence camp
Tower of Tarawest
Haularken Hills 18
The Raging Oryctus
Yolasula's Abode
Higdranor Mounts 43
Entrance to Sombrazur
Holdori Plateau 40
Arcane Tower
Dreamer's Camp
The desert watchman
Hordulk'hos Tomb 22
A Lost Chest
Tomb of Ilmagoth
Well of odors
Irlandun Canyon 32
Claw's Marquee
The cliff with a thousand holes
Irouna Pass 46
Island of Tinylegs
Hideout of Captain Blroulsoso
Kantas Valley
Bear territory
Edge of Norkantas
Kantas Woodlands 40
Incredible Taran Academy
Kortombe Plain
Bentro Cemetery
Crown cliff
Eligratine east entrance
Eligratine west entrance
Golden Gin
Gris Domain
Rabouf Estate
Scratched rock
Struck down tree
Thaumaturge bank
The Ancestor
Tower construction site
Domane Scissors
Great house of Kortombe
Korllights Academy
Kortombe Castle
Kortombe Market
Kortombourg Center
The Queen's Fiance
Kortombourg Hills 6
Kortombe portal
Laematsu Island
Laematsu bank
Leviathan sanctuary
Larcen Plains
Enchanfruits Domain
Forest tent
Hippodrome of the Halcyion
Leviathan Hills
Leviathan Plain
Leviathan Portal
Minokiller Outpost
Little Supon Forest 6
Living ruins
Living Wall Forest 12
Living Wall Hills
Crown cliff
Maladorn Forest 16
Zhyxhu Rift
Malarcane Forest 25
Boar territory
Sylvan Estate
Manynotes Forest 30
March of the Allies 39
Allied Camp
Marquise Valley
Entrance to the Lithofortress
Mecablip cave 39
Mecablip landfill
Minotroll Deep 37
Architectroll's lair
Minotroll depths 37
Moulanasul Island
Moulanasul Rift
Moulanasul Woodland 27
Mounds of Pages
Mount Gracious 40
Saroskor'nak Tower
Mount Rochalatant 45
Nopeak Hills 38
Nopeak ruins
Pandolfo Hills
Pipehead Hills 12
Kortomis Statue
Traveler Relay
Plain of silence
Black Horse Pavilion
Harmony camp
Plains of the Flayed
Passage of the Lithydrios
Prankster Hills 32
Rivers-Rat Wreck
Prettybard Plains
Fearpiercing camp
Minotroll entrance
House of Salamandese
House of the Sleeping Sun
Hydra Inn
Issaya Shipyard
Quarawood Furnitures
Quary Market
Watchman's Armory
Quiet Plateau 45
Territory of Mo'Gul
Ridand'Hok Hills 36
The Lost Warf
Ridand'Hok Woodlands 36
Ridiculous Summit 25
Caravanserai of the Great Eclipse
Rufgarr's Lithofortress
Ruins of the Cyclops
Ruins of the swamp
Burial Chamber
Salamander Marshes 20
Shrazonis Valley 53
Silly Summit 25
Windy escarpment
Silverbell Plateau 47
Sotiris Camp
Silversight Woods 47
Smallfall woods 32
Scabonzi's fortified castle
Snake Hill 31
Snake Mine
Snake Valley
Mountainfoot Relay
Snake Woodlands 36
Softbreeze Plateau 42
Softbreeze Woods 41
Sombrazur Cave 40
Alter of reflections
Sorceror Mound 8
Diadem Manor
Sorrow Ruins
Southval forest 24
Alcharan scientific domain
Spidergoat Passage 49
Squeak Pass 48
Argisant Outpost
Tarasquan 45
Tarasquan Rift
The crucible 39
Mud Path
The Ridiculous Mountains 20
Forsec Mine
Plateauvores Camp
Roic Sanctuary
Captain Sternakovic's jewelry
Grandflood shipyard
Jon Thorval master's office
Place of the Escales
Poakerson park
Port of Thorbourg
Thoras distillery
Thormalek Academy
Thorval Plain
Path of the Glorious (Thorval Plain0
Ridge path
Thorval portal
Vorf Lundgrof's house
Thorval Suburb
Dirontol Hopper
Farm of the excluded
Troll Plateau
Abandoned terrier
Entrance to Trolgobeth
Sorka's Camp
Trolgobeth cave
Troll Seat
Valeros Hills 31
Epirpon Relay
Valley of the Brave 48
Vizek Point
Vizek Woodland 26
Cave of Knowledge
Wellnear Plain
Servres house
Tales Inn
Wellnear Portal
Woodland of Silence 32
Woodland of the forgotten
Berthier's house
Woodlands of the Dryades 28
Woodlands of the Flayed 25
Woodlands of the Hunthief 43
Yesgomash Forest 32
Zarata Pass 47
Entrance to the Cave of the Ancients
The Face of the Ancients
Zarata Swamp 42
Island of the legosus
Zonktus Plateau 50

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